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February 14, 2019  

The Autism Podcast - Episode 6 - Interview with Anna Kennedy OBE!

February 14, 2019

In Episode 6, Chris talks with Anna Kennedy OBE, one of the most well known autism campaigners particularly in the UK. Anna talks about her extraordinary personal story and life including how she entered the world of autism. She then explains the various work she and her charity,, are involved with including schools and respite centres she set up, The Give Us A Break campaign, Autism's Got Talent, the Autism Hero Awards and AKO Autism Expo, and her thoughts on why and how her charity has been so successful. 

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Episode timeline:

3:46 - 7:07 - Meeting her husband and moving to London
7.08 - 30:35 - Patrick, Angelo and setting up her first support group and schools
30:36 - 41:37, 45:27 - 48:31 - Empowering parents
41:38 - 45:27 - Cultural stigma, shame and bullying
48:32 - 58:20 - Autism's got talent
58:21 - 1:00:20, 1:17:41 - autism's got attitude and street dancing
1:00:21 - 1:03:27 - Producing music and Building Bridges
1:05:30 - 1:11:20 - Burnout, building resilience, and breaking away from a strict upbringing
1:11:21 - 1:17:40 - Anna's appearance on Strictly Come Dancing
1:21:15 - 1:23:05 - Giving hope to others and advice to those thinking of helping others
1:23:06 - 1:30:43 - AKA Autism Expo, Autism Reality Experience, Women's Radio Show and final words of advice

Anna's charity website (which contains links to Autism's Got Talent, AKA Autism Expo and much more):

Anna's twitter:

Anna's Women's Radio Station show 'All Things Autism':