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June 10, 2019  

The Autism Podcast - Interview with Joanna Grace (on the topic of the sensory world)

June 10, 2019

In episode 9 of The Autism Podcast, James speaks with Joanna Grace, the founder of The Sensory Projects, Sensory Engagement & Inclusion Specialist, TEDx speaker, trainer, and author. The Sensory Projects is a national and international project aimed at promoting inclusion through focusing on people whose primary experience of the world, and meaning within it, is sensory. 

Joanna also delivers training days nationwide and offers consultancy and resource writing services to organisations looking to improve their inclusive practice. She has published many books and articles regarding her sensory engagement work, she is also one of the editors of the PMLDlink journal, and a co-author of the 'Supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities' book that commissioners use when purchasing education, health and social care services in the UK.

1:55 Introduction: General information on the world of sensory processing
4:58 We discuss the equal validity of different types of communication.
6:00 Communication for people who haven’t acquired language.
7:30 The impact of learning and repetition on the development of the brain.
11:40 An introduction to Sensory Stories.
17:03 What brought Joanna to concentrate on this area of research?
24:23 The aim of the Sensory Story Project
25:40 The Sensory Art Project
32:00 Thinking about the Mental Health of people with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties.
32:42 The Sensory Being Project – Sensory mindfulness.
35:35 The Importance of being able to gauge the views of a person who may not be able to communicate them directly. Not to allow carers and support workers to impose their own views on to the people in their care, which could distort the situation.
38:50 What Sorts of people attend the training events that Joanna hosts?
40:05 What are the events like?
42:00 Sharing information
42:58 TED Talk
44:28 Supporting Third World Care Settings around the world.
45:23 The importance of the new Core and Essential Standards for supporting people with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties.
52:19 How people can help to drive up the standards of care provisions by spreading knowledge of the Core Standards.
53:00 How to contact Joanna
53:53 Conclusion