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March 3, 2019  

The Autism Podcast - Interview with Dr Emily Lovegrove (on the topic of bullying)

March 3, 2019

In episode 7 of The Autism Podcast, Chris and James speak with Dr Emily Lovegrove, a well-known anti-bullying expert, consultant and academic. Dr Lovegrove, who was diagnosed later in life as autistic, talks about her approach and philosophy on the issue of bullying including what constitutes bullying, its impact, why it happens, how to manage it, and how our responses to it are influenced by many factors including wider socio-cultural values. She talks about its links with mental health, stigma, culture and biology in what is a fascinating exploration into one of the most powerful and, unfortunately, prominent issues autistic people and the wider community have to face.



0 - 2:45 - Introduction

2:45 – 11:15 - Intro into the type of work Emily does including within schools and her broad approach

11:16 - 13:10 - Black and white thinking and encouraging the grey, the impact that society has on everything including bullying

13:11 - 25:20 - Different forms of bullying including mate crime and why autistic people can be so vulnerable to bullying, the importance of teaching autistic children 'no' and self-respect, ABA and the problem of expecting conformity

25:21 – 30:10 - What is bullying?

30:11 – 34:37 - Is the bully a victim also? Do their circumstances have an impact?

34:38 - 36:30 - Do emotional responses to bullying help or impede in managing situations, and how can we manage our emotions?

36:31 - 48:20 - General advice on how to manage bullying including the importance of managing stress, breathing, practicing self compassion and self respect, shifting away from emphasising compliance and being confident to say 'no'

48:21 – 55:40 - The crucial importance of shifting social attitudes towards autism and the importance this could have on mental health, self compassion and bullying

55:41 – 1:01:22 - Final thoughts and how people can contact Emily


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