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November 7, 2018  

The Autism Podcast - Episode 2 - Interview with Dr Carrie Grant (on the topic of SEN, mental health, stigma and social change)

November 7, 2018

In Episode 2, Chris and Emma interview Dr Carrie Grant! Carrie is perhaps best known for television, music and radio work but also happens to be a tremendous autism advocate and campaigner, and a parent of autistic children too. Carrie tells us her story and her views on the social and cultural issues that intersect with autism stigma and discrimination. She also talks about mental health, SEN and schools, employers and more!

Episode timeline:

0 - 12.37 - Carrie's personal story of her children's diagnoses and journey
12:38 - 19:27 - Carrie's parenting approach
19:28 - 33:29 - Stigma's impact on mental health (including a bit on marital relationships from 29:35 - 31:53)
33:30 - 46:29 - Schools and SEN, their impact and responsibility, child mental health, and the changes required
46:30 - 50:54: Employment stigma and discrimination, and the changes required
50:55 - 1:09:25 - Views on how to create real positive social and cultural change
1:09:26 - 1:20:51 - Carrie's practical advice for autistic people struggling with poor mental health
1:20:52 - 1:23:13 - Outro

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