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December 9, 2021  

Interview with Emily from @21andsensory (exploring the negative and positive experiences of Emily‘s journey towards diagnosis)

December 9, 2021

In Season 2, episode 19 of The Autism Podcast, James Gordon and Chris Papadopoulos interview Emily from @21andsensory! Emily is an autistic adult who several years ago developed the @21andsensory blog ( with the aim of educating and supporting people (and adults in particular) with sensory processing difficulties. Today, she runs a fantastic and very influential set of social media accounts ( ,, which focus on sensory related issues. She also produces her own podcast ( which we are also excited to be featured within during at upcoming episode!

During the podcast, we discuss her journey towards diagnosis, and explore the many challenges and successes that she experienced along the way. This includes the challenges of schooling including the lack of support and understanding she received, the lasting toll this has had on her mental health, the misunderstanding as well as positive support from different professionals she has encountered, and the need for appropriate autistic-led mental health services. We also discuss her views on sensory processing issues including its stigma and misunderstanding, the need for normalisation and the challenges but importance of building sensory spaces (the latter of which is the focus of a research project called 'Sensory Street' that Emily is involved with:


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