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October 31, 2018  

The Autism Podcast - Episode 1 (An introduction and group interview with the podcast team!)

October 31, 2018

Episode 1 begins with introducing the show and what are we aiming to achieve with it and providing context about the London Autism Group Charity that is producing the show. We will then hear from the podcast team (Chris, Morgan, James, Kiran and Emma) including a bit about our personal stories with autism and some of our views about attitudes and the stigma towards autism, what needs to change and improve, the importance of mental health, the challenges of epilepsy and more.

Episode timeline:

0 - 17:15 - Introduction to the podcast, its aims, housekeeping points about language, criticism and disclosure, and how you can support the charity
17:16 - 43:40 - Personal introduction by each of the podcast hosts
43:41 - 1:20:39 - Group discussion about autism stigma, its impact on mental health, and thoughts on how to challenge stigma and improve understanding
1:20:40 - 1:33:10 - Conversation about epilepsy, what it is, its impact, and some advice on how to manage this
1.33.11 - 1:36:17 - Outro