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September 6, 2019  

Season 2, Episode 1: Interview with Joseph Redford (on the topic of autistic advocacy and campaigning)

September 6, 2019

In Season 2, Episode 1 of The Autism Podcast, Chris and James speak with Joseph Redford, an autistic adult, campaigner, advocate involved in a range of autistic-led organisations. He talks about his personal experiences and challenges during school and education, finding a sense of belonging and identity with the autism community, and all of the various work he undertakes with the autistic-led organisations he is involved with. He also opens up about his mental health including what has helped and also challenged his mental health, organising autistic pride events, and more!


0 - 3:28 - Introduction
3:29 - 15:55 - Joseph's experiences at school including social rejection and bullying, the importance of exploring one's identity and the role school could have with this, and autism stigma more broadly
15:56 - 24:41 - Autscape, conferences, and the importance of autistic-led boards, how to get involved in Autscape and its board
24:42 - 36:57 - Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto, employment discrimination, the crucial importance of social policy, the need for a cultural change and autism stigma
36:58 - 42:50 Autistic pride events, recommendations on how people can get involved or arrange an autistic pride event
42:51 - 1:00:51 - Westminster autism commission, demonstrations and the Mendip House protest organised by Autistic Inclusive Meets, Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs), Mental Health Inpatient units and discriminatory and harmful sectioning, the negative portrayal of autism in the media, the Oliver McGowan case, antidepressants and side effects, mental health and its links with traumatic experiences 
1:00:52 - 1:06.51 - What has helped and hindered Joseph's mental health, and the impact of Joseph's work.

To contact Joseph, please email him at or find him on Facebook ( Joseph also has a Twitter account (@jmtredford) but is not on regularly.

Links to the organisations referred to in the episode are listed below:

Autscape -
labour party autism/neurodiversity manifesto-

Westminster Autism Commission -

The Autism Empire (who produce the customised autism alert cards) -

Autistic cooperative -

Stripped of Human Rights -